Dale Neal

Dale lives with his wife Marie, and daughter Essie, in the village of Barrowford in Lancashire.

He started writing short stories and poems for his daughter and much to his surprise, found that people quite liked them. He still finds it strange being called an author and being paid to write stories.

A hairdresser by day, he gets much of his inspiration from the world of fashion, pop culture and the many interactions he's had with his clients over the years, with titles such as 'VIDAL BABOON, THE GIRL WITH THE CANDY FLOSS HAIR' and 'HIPPO IN A HALFPIPE'.

His stories are known for their warm hearted observational humour and fantastical characters.

Dale's work has appeared in the Emma Press children's anthology 'WATCHER OF THE SKIES', his own poetry anthology from Fanatic Books, 'MY SOCKS HAVE GONE BONKERS' and most recently in Pan Macmillan's 'THE BEST EVER BOOK OF FUNNY POEMS'.

Dale's stories also appear online in the best-selling storytelling apps, 'LITTLE STORIES: BEDTIME BOOKS AND BEDTIME STORIES' and 'READ AND TELL'.

He has been featured as guest Poet on bestselling children's author Brian Moses blog ... and he is available for hair appointments.

Dale's first book for VP will be his hilarious, 'MY GRANDAD IS AN ALIEN', which is illustrated by Mark Millicent and launches in 2022. 

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