Ffion Jones

Ffion is a children's author and illustrator, living on the Swansea coast with her husband, two lovely daughters, and squirrel-obsessed dog.  Ffion's first book for VP is the highly moving 'TO THE MOON AND BACK '.  Ffion writes books that help children to work through difficult real-life issues such as bullying, serious illness and bereavement. 'EMILY IS BEING BULLIED: WHAT CAN SHE DO? '(co-authored with Professor Helen Cowie and Dr Harriet Tenenbaum), 'A SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE: STORIES & LESSON PLANS TO TEACH INCLUSIVITY & SOCIAL ISSUES' (co-authored with Cowie and Tenenbaum), and 'GOLDEN FLOWERS FOR LITTLE DRAGON',  a book about sibling bereavement (illustrated by Gareth Jones, with notes by Lynette Thacker), are some of her publications that encourage open conversations with children about their experiences.

Ffion also co-directs, writes and illustrates the 'NURSE TED' series of books, supporting children whose parents have been diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer (www.nurseted.com). More recently, she founded 'FLY ME STORIES', a social enterprise sending personalised stories to seriously unwell children in hospitals, hospices and at home (www.flymestories.com). As well as writing, she has been a creative writing and art tutor for a number of years, inspiring children's confidence in their own imagination so that they can paint pictures with their own words.