Kirsty Todd



Kirsty grew up in Scotland wild, free and with the great outdoors to entertain her. On rainy days it was back to her drawing pad and an endless supply of books from the local library. She studied Landscape Architecture in Gloucestershire and then worked in the UK and Oslo for a design consultancy before travelling to San Francisco to design a shop and grow up.

Kirsty now lives in East Sussex and has taught yoga for 20 years to children, adults and beyond.

Kirsty thinks the art of being a good teacher duplicates that of a good illustrator. Both involve watching, listening to the unsaid and opening the door at the right time and in the right way. She creates illustrations and stories to get people thinking, feeling, talking, and giggling.   Outside of illustrating and yoga she is a passionate cyclist, recyclist and upcyclist and loves projects that involve pots of paint, hammers, or thread. Combinations she loves: cheese/tea, coffee/chocolate, whisky/water, friends/laughter and family/family.

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