Mike Bryson

Mike is one of the most experienced and foremost caricaturists in the UK. He lives and works mainly in Lancashire, but for studio commissions his range is world wide, and he has produced large group and team caricature pieces for professional organisations, large and small, from Huddersfield to Hong Kong; Macclesfield to Miami; Bolton to Bermuda!  Alongside his caricatures, Mike has illustrated picture books (including KC Hayes' 'THE DORP RESCUE 'and 'THE DORPS SAVE CHRISTMAS', and Ian Billings' 'BILLY PLONKA AND THE GROT LABORATORY' for Ventorros Press), cartoons, brochures, magazine features and visualisations, and he recently added moving images to his portfolio, in the form of animated videos and talking caricatures.  His first book as both author/illustrator, 'MY GRANDAD WAS A PUNK ROCKER', will be published by VP in 2022.