Sayani Mukherjee


Sayani was born and brought up in Santiniketan, India, and she spent her school and college days there studying in the Visva-bharati University.  Sayani was awarded educational degrees in science, though drawing and other conventional forms of illustrations have always been her passion. The environment of Santiniketan influenced her to gain a passion for art and culture alongside conventional studies.  She completed her doctoral degree in Microbiology in 2016.
It was at this stage of her career that Sayani changed her focus to fulfil her dream of becoming an artist. The very first exposure to digital art form boosted Sayani to start exploring this amazing world of creations.  She found it an intensive, yet exciting process of exploring and learning various illustration softwares and formats. I Sayani started her journey as a professional digital illustrator in 2020. 

Currently she is working on a number of children book projects and continuously learning from the every experience that she is gathering.  Sayani is especially interested in exploring character designing for children. She believes that it’s an exciting journey to illustrate the characters for children’s books and finds it an amazing experience to meet-up an author’s expectations to make their books successful.

Sayani is currently illustrating Sarah Surgey's wonderful, 'THE SLOW SUPERHERO' and Anita Nair's first children's book for VP, 'THE CAT AND THE CAMEL'.

Sayani_Mukherjee 2.jpeg