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Sheila Graber

VP are hugely honoured to have world-renowned, Sheila Graber in our family of authors and illustrators. Born in 1940, Sheila studied science at school, with a view to becoming a doctor, and fine art. Art won, and she went on to teach Art and Pottery to 11 to 18 year olds for 20 years. Newly divorced in 1970, she began experimenting at home with Super 8 film animation.  In 1975, London's Tate Gallery, invited her to make an animation on William Blake for one of their exhibitions.  In 1980, Sheila left her role as Head of Creative Studies at a large comprehensive school as she was invited by Interama,  agent for the films of Jean Renoir and 'THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT' to create a 10x 10 minute animated series of 'Rudyard Kipling's JUST SO STORIES' for World TV.  This she did at home single-handed in one year, using classic hand painted cels, scripting, recording, mixing soundtrack, drawing, tracing, painting, and filming on 16mm.  A World Record.  The series was screened in over 15 countries . Sheila has since pursued a career as a full-time professional artist animator and educator. In 1985, Sheila created the cut out animation for the 'PADDINGTON BEAR' TV series. In 2002, having set up the Animation Dept at Sunderland University, Sheila took a position at the University of Teesside, as the Animator in Residence.   After creating over 60 shorts and 3 series for World TV, she teamed up with fellow director Jen Miller in 1996 to form the company Sheila Graber Animation Ltd.  In 2004 she published 'ANIMATION - A HANDY GUIDE', a book with interactive DVD for Bloomsbury. Sheila has also created 10 books with images based on her animated 'JUST SO STORIES'.  Using her animated character QuiziCat she has started a series to help readers of all ages enjoy the History of Art - commencing with 'QuiziCat QUESTIONS VAN GOGH'. When Sheila read 'LUNA THE MOON PIG' by Suzy Davies, she was so impressed that she asked if she could illustrate it - and a successful team was established!