Suzy Davies

Suzy Davies was born in Reading, England, to a dual language family. Her parents were artists, and her childhood home was like an Aladdin's Cave of interesting paintings and objects. She spent her childhood travelling between there and her grandmother's home in Wales.  Suzy attended various schools, and her secondary school was Nuneaton High School for Girls, where she excelled in English and failed dismally in Mathematics.

A late developer in life, Suzy attended university in her 30's, gaining a B.S.C (Hons) at The University of Leicester, and in her 40's, an M.A in Twentieth Century English Literature at The University of Sussex.  These studies helped her cultivate a career in teaching which spanned 10 years. Her job took her to schools, factories and colleges at home and abroad where she taught students from all over the world.

Suzy's first book for VP is the stunning 'LUNA THE MOON PIG' (Illustrated by Sheila Graber).  Her children's books are fun, educational and entertaining and Suzy is mindful of the kinds of messages she conveys to her young and impressionable audience.  She enjoys writing books about animals, nature, and magic journeys of adventure which have humour, empathy, and wonder to surprise and delight young hearts and minds.

Her next book for VP will be the stunning, 'THE FLAMINGOS WHO PAINTED THE SKY'.
When she is not behind a book, Suzy is a fan of theatre, music and film.  She also loves being outdoors among nature, exploring the trails and lakes near her Florida home, where she lives with her writer husband, Craig and two semi-wild visitors, tabby cats, Cubbie and Dinky.

The Flamingos Who Painted The Sky FRONT
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