William Malone

Dublin born, Will is the debut author of 'ZACH, LOTTIE, RUEBEN AND ME!'  
Will now lives and works mainly in Merseyside, having previously worked throughout the UK, Spain and his native country, Ireland, as a host and compare of large shows and productions before settling down as a restaurant manager! 

Will is very proud of being the father of 4 children and this is what inspired his first story which is beautifully illustrated by the very talented Zoey Black. 
The story goes that when a young family of five, Mum, Dad and three kids discover there’s another totally unexpected baby on the way, it’s a bit of a shock and a surprise!  Just how is it going to work?  There’s not enough space in the house and the car is far too small.  But the great twist in the book from Will, is: STOP!  Think about it from the new baby’s perspective?  This family is already complete and there appears to be no room for anyone else! 

Early reviews have been extremely positive -

“Awwwwww! This is the sweetest little book you’ll EVER read. Gorgeously illustrated and perfectly written with a sentiment that hits right in the feels, filling  your thoughts with optimism and your heart with love. William and Zoey have delivered a beautiful bundle of book joy!” Author - CHRIS WHITE